Photo by the incomparable Ivan Flores

     Aaron Guy Leroux is a nomadic Documentary Photographer traveling the world indefinitely. Aaron's work centers principally around people and their relationships with their respective cultures. Either in harmony, as seen in Aaron's Street Photography; or at odds with the structures and institutions of society as seen in his coverage of the refugee crisis on Lesvos, Greece in the essay "The Beach Boys."
     Aaron believes that the ongoing refugee crisis, as well as the crises to come are going to be some of the most important stories of the century. The movement of people across borders is going to illuminate the blind spots in our thinking and approach to issues ranging from opportunity, wealth inequality, climate change, immigration and much more. Unlike so many of the machinations of human societies, people arriving en masse cannot be ignored by existing power structures. How countries and societies respond to the cleaving of the world into two: a world of order, and a world of disorder. It is people fleeing the world of disorder that has the potential to drastically reshape the globe politically, and culturally. It is in this climate that Aaron sees the space to help give voice, to bare witness and to share the stories of the people who will be affected most. From the comfortable to the vulnerable, from the powerful to the desperate. People will not only be fleeing violence and deprivation, they will also be running toward opportunity, security and the possibility of freedom and justice. 
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