Lantern: Thousands of paper lanterns were lit and launched into the skies over Daegu for the annual Daegu Lantern Festival. 
Lantern 2: A family releases their lantern. The annual lantern festival is in commemoration of Buddhas birth. Daegu, South Korea
The Struggle: High winds on the night of the Daegu Lantern festival made the lighting and launching of thousands of paper lanterns a team effort.
Home Again: Another late night out and another great looking cab driver.
Break Time: A young Korean waiter has a smoke on his break while checking his Facebook page.
Katie & Nadi: Nadi tattoos Katie at Carpetbombing Ink. Seonyudo, Seoul, South Korea. Nadi is easily one of the most talented tattoo artists working in Asia.
Nadi 2: Nadi tattoos me as I shoot with my left hand while trying not to distract her.
Street Food: A street food vendor in Chilgok, South Korea
Guys On the Corner: Korean guys hanging out on a cool winter night in Chilgok-goon, South Korea.
Cool: Stumbling through Daegu on a drunken night out, this cool character appeared in front of me in the smoking room at an underground club. He didn't blink as I raised my camera. After the shutter fired he took a long drag off his cigarette and nodded at me.
J&A Salsa 1: Two of my friends Salsa dancing at Babalu in Deagu, S. Korea
Ji: My friend Ji in mid conversation in Daegu, South Korea

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