Reports of Dawn came to me via some of my dearest friends. Dawn and her family had given an extraordinary level of love and support to the people I care for most when they needed it. That fact alone was enough for me to fall in love with Dawn and her family, sight unseen. Upon meeting her in the flesh it was a done deal. I've rarely met anyone with such a big heart, a warm and easy manner, and a genuine care for others. In short, I adore her. In addition to be one of the finest human beings I've ever had the privilege to call my friend, Dawn is also a very successful writer. She has authored The Cows, Paper Airplanes, and Goose. In addition to all of this, Dawn also hosts a podcast entitled: Get It On. You can also find Dawn on Instagram and Twitter.

I met Abbey Leroux on June 1st 1981. At the time she became, and as history now shows, my first and only sister. Frankly, I could not have picked a better partner in this life for myself had I been given all the resources necessary for the choosing. Abbey is one of the most incredible people I've ever met. Her legend is mythic amongst my friends and I. Her struggles, her triumphs, and the outrageous beauty of her lifestyle have been spun into parables used to guide others in following their bliss, and to show what kind of life is possible if you stop being an asshole and approach it with a sense of joy and adventure. In this portrait, I think one gets a pretty hefty dose of what makes her so incomparable.

I had the privilege of meeting Melaney Lubey in San Francisco in 2009. At the time she had been the serious girlfriend of one of my oldest and dearest friends, and she later became his wife. Since that time she has grown into one of the most important people in my life. She is brilliant, crazy, fun, hilarious, and possesses a strength and grit that are rare in anybody and in her these qualities have formed into a beautiful complex woman whom I have the privilege of calling my friend. I am proud to know her and I am so happy that I was able to make her portrait part of this project, particularly at this very special time in her life.

This is so hard...I don't know how to describe, give context to this portrait of my wonderful friend, without getting overly sappy about the whole affair. I can only say this about Alexis Mixter: It has been the privileged of my life to know, to be enriched by, to love and be loved by a person whom I respect and admire so much. I am so very proud to know her.

I met Darieus Legg, 30, FBI (From Big Island, HI) at a short film competition in Chinatown Hawaii in the early 00's. At that particular time Darieus stood out from a very large crowd for his editing style. Which was dynamic, joyful, and engaging. In our subsequent years of fun, filmmaking, writing, and mayhem Darieus has stood out from the crowd once again, as one of the most positive, supportive, talented, inspirational human beings I have ever known. Darieus and I managed, very early on, to create a safe space in which we could talk openly with one another. This pact has led to some of the most amazing, rollicking conversations of my life. He has shaped me creatively and as a human being in ways few others have. His portrait gives you a sickly sweet taste of all that you are missing by not knowing Darieus Legg.

Poet & Educator and great friend, Jason Barry sits for a One Minute Portrait in Xi'an, China (you'll hear the blaring car horns outside). I met Jason while teaching English in South Korea. We became fast friends over long conversations about art, life, travel and adventure.

Lucy, 14 from Gimcheon, Korea was the winner of a speech contest in which I participated as one of the judges. Months later she attended my school here in Korea as part of a special 3-week program. The teaching staff fell in love with her. We found her to be funny, wickedly smart, interesting and completely charming.

This one took some doing...I met Ivan Flores in 2013 aboard the cruise ship Pride of America where we worked together as photographers. Ivan was one of the very first people to learn about the creation of this project, and he was one of its earliest supporters as well. However, like many photographers (myself included) Ivan does not love being in front of the camera. That and geography are why it has taken over three years for me to finally get Ivan's portrait.

I met Kate through two of my dearest friends who sparked a fast friendship with Kate during what they now call their "summer of love." Word of her kindness, wit, charm, huge heart, and brilliant sense of humor reached me during that time. When we finally met we were instant friends and have been close ever since. I'm so proud to know her and I'm so happy I was able to add her portrait to this project.

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