Lots of Love: Shawn, 23, from Toronto.  He is warm, generous and is filled with as much life and love as anyone I've ever met.  He hugs every single person in our group, every time we go out.  Here, Brooke takes her turn.
Market Smoking: Another amazing looking elderly Korean man doing what elderly Korean men do...have a smoke.
Hot Buns!: A street vendor in Itaewon serving up hot, steamed buns.
Helping Hand: In a moment of insanity or photographic courage, I grabbed this man's lighter out of his hand while he was walking by me.  
The Fight 10: The tables turn as the man who sustained the beating inserts himself between his attacker and the Officer.
The Fight 15: It takes ten minutes, but peace takes hold and the tensions in the alleyway ease.
Jenny: A friend/tour guide around Seoul.  
Crossing Over: A woman makes her way home after a cold and wet Halloween gives way to the early hours of November
Shoe Shine: Saturday afternoon at  Lavender Jimjibong in Daegu is a slow day for the shoe shine man.
A Tad Too Much...: This gentleman had quite a lot to drink on this particular night.  Moments after this was taken his friends came out of the bar to check on him.  Confident that he was not in imminent danger, they scurried back into the bar laughing all the while.

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