More Red China: It is not a joke. Nor is it difficult to capture. This place is oddly saturated in red. Here @solitudennature waits for a crosswalk bathed in the redness of China.
Da Yan Ta: Big Wild Goose Pagoda
A Chinese man works his daily exercise routine.
Street food with a stranger on another red night in Xi'an.
Drunk? Dead? Hard to say...It's Friday night in Xi'an, China
It is a national holiday today in China, the Ching Ming Festival. A day for sweeping the tombs of our ancestors, for the warding off of spirits, and burning "currency" so that our ancestors have some walking around money in the afterlife.
An elderly man draws a crowd with his calligraphy. He writes one of Mao’s poems, from memory, with a brush and water.
On my way to school this morning, the park I walk through was over run by old ladies dancing slowly...with swords.
The night market in the Muslim Quarter of Xi'an, China. This Muslim man takes a break from tending the line to his ròujiāmó stand (chinese hamburger). The muslims here have been in Xi'an for thousands of years. This man, and his peers, are direct descendants of the first Muslims to settle here in 651 A.D.
A Muslim man prepares his noodles for the evening rush in the Muslim Quarter. Xi'an, China.
3pm, Friday: The delivery boys are done for the day and girding themselves for the long holiday weekend ahead.
The center of the old city, Xi'an. 40 years ago this was dirt roads and bicycles. Now there is a Louis Vuitton and a Dairy Queen.
Group dancing in the park. A regular occurrence here in Xi'an.
Poet and Educator Jason Barry, taking in the hot Xi'an night as we bomb through town in our wayward TukTuk. Xi'an China
The Terracotta Army, Xi'an, China
The Key Master: This key maker watches a pick-up game of Chinese chess from his little makeshift key shop on a dark sidewalk.
In the evening, after work, a large group of men gather just outside the city wall to smoke and play Mahjong. Xi'an, China.
With the completion of my essays from Lesbos, Greece we will now be moving between my reading for the year and shots of my new home: Xi'an, China.
A young boy sits with his mother in the night market of the Muslim Quarter. Xi'an, China.
An Unreasonable Man: A Tuktuk driver in the old city demands an outrageous rate for a ride. He holds his nerve until we turn our backs and walk away.
The Stamp Man: Every afternoon he parks his scooter outside the gate to my University. He sets up his little desk and hand carves stamps into soapstone. He has several completed of which you are free to choose. However, he also takes requests. For around 50RMB he will carve your chosen design.
On nearly every corner, in almost any park, at any time of day one can find Chinese men playing chess,or cards, and smoking.
Enjoying a smoke at the end of the day.
Chinese BBQ in Xi'an. The cooks are getting ready for the dinner rush at a local BBQ spot.
A quiet end of the day...breathing in the pollution.
A couple good ol' boys enjoying the park on a warm afternoon.
Kids playing at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Ramadan at the Great Mosque of Xi'an. Easily my favorite place in all of Xi'an. It is the largest Mosque in China and was constructed in 742 AD.
Rou Jia Mo: A Muslim man, an hour before the call to prayer, makes a delicious Chinese hamburger known as Rou Jia Mo.
Members of the Xi'an Symphony Orchestra spent a few hours on the sidewalk playing for passersby.
Jake: An expat teacher here for the XJTU summer program plays his violin on the sidewalk, as many gallons of beer are imbibed all around him. I've seen much more public playing of the violin here than I ever anticipated.
The Brewmaster at Xi'an Brewery whipping up a batch of kolsch.
Brewmaster chatting with his protégé while they wait to pump the brew upstairs.
Hector waiting for the signal to pump the beer upstairs into the fermenter.
Action upstairs in the Xian Brewery.
Break time for two food delivery guys.
Nap time for a delivery driver in Xi'an, China
Out of time.
Tormentor: A small boy torments a crab. Yes, there are crabs on the sidewalk here in Xi’an.
Big Time: This gent looked pretty fancy for Xi’an.
Shopping outside the city wall.

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